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Crossflow Technology in Challenging Applications

The design of SCEPTER sintered tubes and membranes creates a durable and robust structure, making it superior under operating conditions that would normally damage or destroy polymeric or ceramic membranes.

Extending the Bed Life of Arsenic Adsorbent Systems: A Full-Scale Case Study

This case study focuses on the efforts to extend the bed life of arsenic adsorbent systems for treating arsenic-contaminated water.



Post Carbon Bed Treatment

Graver Technologies helped a Sterile Injectables company achieve better post-carbon bed treatment, resulting in a cleaner final product.


Recovering resources from wastewater curbs greenhouse gas emissions and helps meet federal climate change goals


Global electric vehicle sales continue to rapidly increase, sparking billion-dollar investments into building battery factories all across the world.


Development of therapies and other consumer productsderived from cannabis and its components continues toexpand as regulations change.


Worsening drought conditions have increased arseniclevels in domestic water wells calling for frequent testingand high-quality water treatment.

DUELING DATA: Biotech's Risk-Reward Paradigm

The diverse nature of biotechnologies demands a range of adsorbent and trace contaminant control technologies to ensure pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers save time, improve processes and ensure environmental and consumer safety.


Effective and affordable dialysis reverse osmosis (RO)therapy requires a proper purification system thatcritically includes water pre-treatment.


As the outdoor battle against airborne contaminants continues to wage , many are turning to air purifiers to address the potentially deadlier war within our walls.

TB-020 Flavors and Extracts

This document discusses the production of flavors, focusing on natural flavors derived from various sources and the importance of filtration in ensuring high-quality flavor compounds for use in consumer products.

Oxygen Service Gas Filters for Ozone Generation and other applications

Use this document to get more information on oxygen gas filters for ozone generation and other applications.

ACS-009 – Bottled Water Applications Case Study

This case study discusses the filtration processes and challenges in the bottled water industry, focusing on improving water quality and cost savings using Graver High Flow cartridges.

AB-001 – Seal Flush

This case study explores the comparison between resin-bonded and melt-blown filter cartridges for industrial applications, specifically in protecting seals of rotating equipment in environments like Pulp and Paper mills.

Suppression Pool Clean Up Filter

Use this document to explore our Suppression Pool Clean Up Filter Element, designed for nuclear power plant applications, ensuring efficient, long-lasting, and reliable filtration.

TB-025 Digital Printing Inks

For digital printing inks, filtration is crucial to ensure print quality and minimize downtime. Different ink types (pigment-based, dye-based, solvent-based, and UV curable) require specific filtration methods to remove contaminants, agglomerates, and oversized pigments, optimizing image quality.

AB-004 – Filtration Opportunities with Microbreweries

This application explores filtration opportunities within the microbrewery industry. It discusses various filtration steps in the brewing process, such as clarification following fermentation and microbial stabilization prior to bottling.

ACS-005 Stratum Filters Clarify Optical Coatings

This application case study looks into improving optical coatings for specialty faceplates used in military applications to ensure clarity and reduce defects.

TB-024 System Sizing

This document discusses the concept of diminishing returns in filtration processes across various industries and provides insights into optimizing filter change-out strategies based on differential pressure and available filter area.

Backwashing of Microfiltration Cartridge Elements

This technical brief discusses the backwashing of microfiltration cartridge elements, a process used to clean filters by reversing flow to remove particles and extend filter life, particularly in applications like catalyst recovery and beer and wine filtration.

STB-011 Catalyst Recovery

This technical brief discusses the importance of catalyst recovery in various chemical applications. It emphasizes the need for efficient recovery methods and introduces crossflow filter technologies, particularly SCEPTER stainless and ceramic composite micro- and ultrafiltration products.

Sugar Starch Clarification

This technical brief covers how Scepter can be applied to natural sweeteners in food and beverage products.

AB-008 High Flow Filters for Pre RO

This application brief explores the effectiveness of Reverse Osmosis (RO) in removing contaminants from water. It emphasizes the importance of membrane pretreatment using high-performance pleated filter cartridges to extend membrane life, reduce operational expenses, and minimize environmental impact.


This document explores the Suggested Cleaning/Regeneration Method for Porous Metal Filters.

AB-005 Basics of Manufacturing Integrated Circuits

This application brief explores the filtration requirements in the manufacture of integrated circuits, including various electronic components like transistors, capacitors, resistors, diodes, LEDs, and photocells.

2016 SIT Paper

This paper discusses the optimization of adsorbents for sugar refinery crystallization systems to improve efficiency and reduce costs, with significant reductions in adsorbent and filter aid usage, product turbidity, and sweetwater losses observed during extended trials.

ACS-002 – Ink Jet Ink Appl Case Study

This application case study focuses on a solvent-based ink manufacturer's quest to effectively remove agglomerated particles while preserving colored pigments.

ACS-004 - Tank Vent for Citrus Juice

This application study focuses on the use of PTFE membrane filters in a citrus juice processing plant to prevent juice spoilage.


Use this technical brief to better understand USP, FDA, and NSF.

High Flow Sizing

This technical brief contains Housing Sizing Guidelines for Graver High Flow Filter Cartridges.

End Configurations

Use this technical brief to explore Graver Technologies' wde variety of end configurations for liquid filter cartridges.

Membrane Wetting

This technical brief explores Pre-Wetting Hydrophilic Membranes for Integrity Testing.

TB-021 Filtration Housings

This document provides an overview of filtration vessels and their importance in various industries, including healthcare, microelectronics, and refineries.

ACS-001 – Offshore Water Treatment

This application case study explores a customer's search for cost-effective filtration alternatives to high-priced Pall High Flow Ultipleat filters, driven by concerns over operational costs, filtration efficiency, and operator safety.

ACS-003 – Pre-RO for Ethanol Plant Apple Case Study

This application case study focuses on the use of Graver MBF series filters in an ethanol production plant to protect RO membranes and meet water quality requirements for various processes.

Cleaning/Sanitizing Filters

This technical brief provides the Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedure for Graver Filter Products.

Caustic Recovery

Graver Technologies offers a caustic recovery system, utilizing SCEPTER filtration technology, to efficiently and cost-effectively recover caustic from waste streams in industries like food, pharmaceuticals, and textiles.

Graver Cartridge Regeneration Procedures for Wine & Beer Applications

Explore Graver Technologies' Cartridge Regeneration Procedures for Wine & Beer Applications.

Integrity Testing: Pressure Hold

This technical brief identifies why integrity testing is crucial for membrane filters in bioburden control. Bubble point and diffusive flow are common, but Pressure Hold Test is recommended for multi-round housings.

Membrane Role in Microbial Retention

This technical brief explores the role of membranes in microbial retention.

The Ideal Solution for Reclaiming Sugar

ECOSORB, a proprietary adsorbent media, replaces powdered activated carbon (PAC) and diatomaceous earth (DE) in batch treatment processes.

ACS-012 Pleated Filters for Pre RO

This case study highlights how Graver PMC pleated filters improved filtration efficiency in a high purity water system as pre-RO filters, leading to reduced maintenance and labor costs.

TB-023 Filter Change-out : Law of Diminishing Returns

This document contains information on the concept of diminishing returns in filtration, specifically how adding more filters can impact flow resistance and pressure differentials, as well as recommendations for when to change filters for optimal performance.

Arsenic, Antimony, Lead and Uranium Removal from Drinking Water

This document explores MetSorb® granular adsorbents used for the removal of heavy metals, including arsenic, antimony, uranium, and lead, from drinking water applications.

Co-Occurring Contaminants: Arsenic and Uranium in Drinking Water

This case study addresses the challenges of co-occurring contaminants, arsenic and uranium, in drinking water systems, particularly affecting small water systems across the United States.

ACS-013 CBD Oil

This case study discusses the filtration of CBD oil from Cannabis and Hemp plants, focusing on the recovery and purification process for this natural product.

Silt Density Index

This technical brief discusses the importance of Silt Density Index (SDI) testing in reverse osmosis (RO) systems to predict and prevent membrane fouling, particularly when producing drinking water from seawater. Maintaining a low SDI value is crucial to minimize fouling and maintain membrane performance.

ACS-010 Water Quality for Animal Herds

This case study explores the importance of water quality in the context of animal herds, specifically focusing on improving filtration efficiency for RO membrane protection in dairy farms.

Air Drying Application

Explore Graver Technologies' filters for compressed air dryers.

Glossary of Biotech Terms

Every industry has an abundance of terms that may be used to describe products and processes. Because of the critical nature of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets and the fact that it is highly regulated, it is critical to define and understand some of the more common terms.

STB-013 Lees Filtration

This technical brief discusses recovering valuable residual wine from sediment (lees) efficiently with Scepter crossflow filtration, reducing waste and enhancing production quality.

Vacuum Application

This document discusses vacuum systems and the importance of filtration in various industries, including packaging, chemical processes, food processing, and more. It highlights the key components of a vacuum system, the types of vacuum pumps, conductance, solid particles removal, and oil mist removal.

Ecosorb® Metal Finishing Case Study

The Ecosorb Metal Finishing Case Study discusses a metal finishing plant that struggled with compliance due to effluent variations and strict regulations. They sought a solution to improve treatment without a costly plant replacement.

ACS-008 Citric Acid Plant Condensate Water

This case study details how Graver GFP 1-30P7E filters improved condensate water filtration for a citric acid plant, overcoming rust and dirt issues.

ACS-011 Wafer Grinding for Integrated Circuits

This case study discusses the use of filtration in the semiconductor wafer manufacturing industry, specifically in the process of wafer backgrinding for integrated circuits.

STB-014 Organic Waste Treatment

This Scepter technical brief discusses the challenge of managing organic waste in various industries and highlights Graver Technologies' innovative crossflow filtration technology, SCEPTER, which provides cost-effective solutions for organic waste treatment, reducing waste discharge and offering potential value-added co-products.

TB-002 QXL Applications

Enhance semiconductor wafer manufacturing with QXL Series slurry filtration, reducing defects and improving yields in CMP processes.

STB-015 Fermentation Clarification

This technical brief discusses the application of fermentation in producing various biomaterials and the need for effective clarification post-fermentation.

ACS-006 Chilled Water Loop High Flow

This case study highlights how High Flow Filters effectively cleaned a Chilled Water Loop, reducing contamination and maintenance costs.

TB-022 Deep Well Injection

This document discusses the importance of filtration in liquid processing, focusing on deep well injection sites. It emphasizes the need for effective filtration to maintain the quality of injected fluids and avoid clogging.

AB-006 Focused Microelectronics Applications

This application brief explores filtration opportunities in various microelectronics applications, including Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), Photovoltaic Cells (Solar Cells), and Flat Panel Displays (FPDs).

Cyst Reduction in Water

This technical brief discusses the challenges posed by Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia, protozoan contaminants in water. It explores their resistance to common disinfection methods and the need for effective removal, especially in municipal water systems.

AB-002 Vent Filtration

This case study explores the essential aspects of vent filtration, focusing on system sizing considerations for tank vent filters. It also emphasizes the importance of proper air flow to protect tank contents from contaminants.

AB-003 - Filtration Opportunities in Pulp and Paper

This case study explores numerous filter applications for Graver liquid process filters and can benefit from the superior performance of Graver’s Stratum, MBC and RTEC Series filters.

Ecosorb® Laboratory Guide

This Ecosorb Labratory Guide explores the use of absorbents and contains a chemical compatibility guide.

ACS-007 Sausage Casings Stratum

This case study explores how Graver Stratum C 3 micron filters improved filtration efficiency and saved costs for a sausage casing manufacturer.