Graver Technologies filtration technologies provide effective particule and microbial control for wine production.

Wine filter

Innovative Technologies for Wine Production

Wine is a complex product, each with a unique character that must be preserved during manufacturing and until the bottle is opened. Filtration is critical to both the appearance and stabilization of the wine by removing fermentation products and microbial content, but the filtration process must not alter the flavor, color characteristics and complexity of the wine that makes each unique. Wine production requires a range of filtration technologies to manage microbial contamination prior to bottling, capture diatomaceous earth (DE) used in upstream processing, manage air quality in production and in holding tanks, provide clean water for washing, rinsing and sanitizing, and to protect the membrane filters used in the bottling process. Graver Technologies provides the necessary support along with a wide selection of filters to help wineries provide a consistent quality product with the economics necessary to achieve success.

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Wine filter

About Graver's Filtration Products For Wine

  • Filter aid /Diatomaceous earth trap filter
  • Removal of yeast and other fermentation by-products
  • Final filters for removal of microbial contaminants prior to bottling
  • Clarifying filters to produce a clear, aesthetically pleasing final product
  • CO2 filtration for sparkling wines
  • Bottle washing and utility water filtration- Lees filtration

Product Selection

  • Stratum®, QXL™  polypropylene media filters remove DE or other filter aids  
  • PMC™, QMC as pre-filters to the final membrane filter in bottling- QSL™ serial layer filter as pre-filter alternative to final membrane filters
  • ZTEC™ WB 0.45 and 0.65 are integrity tested/testable, beverage grade membrane filters that remove spoilage organisms before bottling
  • TefTEC™ V Hydrophobic PTFE membrane for tank vent applications and CO2 filtration
  • Scepter® Stainless Steel crossflow for high solids lees filtration

Final Applications

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