Ecocote® Inert Fiber Products

Ecocote® precoat product uses inert cellulose fibers to enhance filtration and precoat integrity in demineralizers.

Ecocote® is a precoat product designed to enhance the efficiency and longevity of condensate filtration systems. It is composed of homogeneous microfine cellulose fibers. Ecocote® is engineered to create a structure that improves hydraulic permeability and extends operational run times. This composition makes Ecocote® ideal for use in conjunction with Powdex® precoat resins or as a standalone precoat solution.

Ecocote® can be effectively used in applications where fine filtration and ion exchange processes need to be combined, particularly in cartridge filtration systems such as condensate filter demineralizers. When applied over Powdex® precoats, Ecocote® increases the capacity for suspended solids filtration and enhances precoat integrity, which prevents issues like cracking under high loading conditions.

Key Features:

  • Homogeneous microfine cellulose fiber composition
  • Enhanced hydraulic permeability for longer run times
  • Improves precoat integrity and prevents cracking

For filtration systems requiring reliable and efficient precoat performance, Ecocote® provides a high-quality, durable solution that extend operational life and offer superior contaminant removal.

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Ecocote® E-100

This data sheet and product specification sheet contains information about Ecocote® E-100.

product description
features & benefits:
  • High integrity flocced agglomerate
  • Powdex resin-fiber interaction
  • Fiber filter aid
  • Electrokinetic precoat properties
  • Mixed bed precoat product
  • High flux rate
  • Long run length, excellent filtration
  • Precoat integrity – no cracking
  • Adsorption of colloids and organics
  • Simple, one-step precoat application
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