OEM/Replacement Industrial Filters

Graver Technologies designs and produces superior OEM and Replacement air and gas filtration elements for rotating equipment, including vacuum pumps, turbines, and compressors.

OEM and replacement industrial filters

Superior Technology for Air and Gas Filtration

Filtration plays a key role in maintaining your equipment’s reliable and efficient performance while protecting your downstream processes. Poorly designed filter elements put your centrifugal blowers and other rotational equipment intake fans at risk of overheating or potentially requiring increased energy usage. Intake filters clean the air entering a compressor to ensure dust, water vapor, and other particulates don't enter the system, which can result in a reduced lifespan for the pneumatic tools. Whether your system requires a direct replacement for the current element, or an OEM design involving an innovative custom solution, Graver Technologies has a long history of delivering engineered filtration performance and quality for some of the most demanding air and gas purification applications.

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OEM and replacement industrial filters

About Our OEM/Replacement Industrial Filters

  • Media options include Fiberglass, Nylon, Cotton, NOMEX*, TEFLON*, Polyester, and Polypropylene
  • Replacement element panels interchangeable with original equipment
  • Sewn elements with high-density felt gaskets and Molded end replacement elements with PVC to provide positive seal to prevent bypass
  • Low-pressure drop–low energy loss while delivering efficient removal of solids

Product Selection

  • Consler Replacement Elements for blowers and compressors, Compressed air and gas filters, and inlet vacuum filters
  • Consler PME/KME Series Exhaust Separators for high-efficiency separation of oil, aerosols, and smoke from an air or gas exhaust stream
  • Consler CP Series Compresses Gas Filters for Efficient removal of dust, dirt, pipescale, and other solid contaminants from compressed air
  • GTX Series Piston Seal™ Filters for critical applications and equipment

Final Applications

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