Make-up Demineralizers

Graver Technologies engineers high capacity polystyrene gel type ion exchange resins that perform at the highest level in the intended application.

Graver Technologies' make-up demineralizers

High Performance Ion Exchange Resins for Makeup Demineralizers

Operating power generation facilities incur steam cycle water evaporative losses and water discharge, which requires make-up water to be added to the steam cycle. These make-up demineralizers typically consist of one or more trains of three ion exchange resin vessels. First in sequence is a cation exchange vessel, followed by an anion exchange vessel. The final make-up polisher is a mixed bed of cation and anion exchange resins, which produces the highest quality water. The goal is to achieve low conductivity and low silica values in the make-up water. The make-up demineralizers are expected to produce high quality water and limit the impurity levels entering the cycle. High silica levels or high conductivity that indicates high impurity levels can contribute to scaling and metallurgical attack of the steam cycle components. Some systems operate without a mixed bed when the water quality is not as critical. Although strongly acidic cation and strongly basic anion exchange resins are often used, weak acidic cation and weak basic anion exchange resins are used under certain conditions.

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Graver Technologies' make-up demineralizers

About Our Make-up Demineralizers

  • Cation, anion, and mixed bed resins with uniform size and Gaussian particle distribution products are available
  • Excellent anion separation from the cation during the regeneration process
  • Lower rinsing requirements following regeneration
  • Color difference of the resins allows visual observation of the important separation portion of the overall regeneration process

Product Selection

  • GRAVEX® UPS Demineralization and Fossil Condensate Resins UPS GR-1-0 US DM (OH), UPS GR-2-0 US DM (H), UPS GR-1-0 US CGF (OH), UPS GR-2-0 US CGF (H) provide uniform particle size allowing for more complete capacity utilization

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