Fuel Pool

At approximately 12, 18, or 24 month intervals each nuclear plant schedules a refueling outage to replace a portion of the nuclear fuel. The spent or used fuel still generates heat and radiation and must be handled and stored safely. The fuel assemblies that have been removed from the reactor are stored under water in the Spent Fuel Pool. Good water quality is important to prevent degradation and help maintain the integrity of the spent fuel assemblies. Spent Fuel Pool ion exchange systems, either Powdex® precoat systems or deep beds, were included in many plants. Graver provided the original Powdex resins for the precoat systems and today most use one of the Ecodex® mixed bed precoat products to simultaneously deionize and filter particulates, maintaining good clarity in the pool. Gravex® bead resins are particularly useful in the deep bed systems. Typical mixed beds were used for many years and are still useful today. The Spent Fuel Pool environment can affect resin degradation so we recommend a specialty Gravex mixed bed containing a high capacity, more stable cation.

  • Gravex GR 3-16 NG highly stable specialty nuclear grade mixed bed helps control sulfate levels in the Spent Fuel Pool
  • Ecodex products used to simultaneously deionize and reduce radionuclides while providing excellent filtration.  Excellent water clarity.
  • The Aegis® PowerGuard® precoat septa and Ecodex products are integrally designed to work with all precoat filtration systems and especially the Powdex precoat systems

Graver Product Selection

ProductApplication Area

Gravex GR 3-16 NG (H/OH)Specialty Nuclear Grade mixed bed with high capacity cation

Gravex GR 3-9 NG (H/OH)Nuclear Grade mixed bed

Aegis PowerGuard Special SS filters to hold up to the environment

Ecodex P-201-H Powdered mixed bed precoat with fiber

Ecodex P-202-H Powdered mixed bed precoat with fiber

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