Reverse Osmosis (pre/post)

Graver Technologies provides innovative melt blown and cartridge filters for prefiltration through Reverse Osmosis.

Water treatment filters for reverse osmosis

Reverse Osmosis For Water Purification

As a reliable and well-proven water treatment solution for municipal, industrial, food and beverage, and healthcare processes, Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a technology that effectively removes a large majority of contaminants from the incoming water. By using a high-pressure pump to increase the pressure on the “dirty” side of the RO membrane, water is forced across the semi-permeable RO membrane, leaving almost all of the particles and dissolved salts behind in the reject stream. The RO membranes must be maintained by regular cleaning cycles, to get at minimum two years of service, and likely four or more. Since membrane replacement costs can be very significant, prolonging the life of the membrane is critical and often directly related to its pretreatment. While 1- or 5-micron nominal melt-blown filters are often used in these processes, the economics often support the use of higher-performance filter cartridges. Better incoming fluid quality to the RO modules can significantly reduce the operational expense of the RO system (lower energy consumption), and increase the cycle time between cleanings, all resulting in reduced labor input and an improved lifespan of the modules.

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Water treatment filters for reverse osmosis

About Our Products For Reverse Osmosis

  • Pre-RO filters to protect the RO membranes from fouling
  • Trap filters downstream of sand, resin, and carbon beds prior to the RO membrane
  • Large geometry available to provide high efficiency and high flow in reduced footprint

Product Selection

  • CMBF™ or Stratum® Melt blown depth filters for Pre RO filtration to prevent membrane fouling.  
  • High Flow™ large geometry filters to meet large volume flow demands for incoming water with a small footprint and simplified change-out
  • Stratum® melt blown depth filter, PMC™ or PMA™ cartridge Series are ideal for removing particulate down stream of carbon, sand and resin beds and prior to the RO.

Final Applications

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