High Purity Water

Graver Technologies offers filtration technology for the product of high purity water.

Technology For High Purity Water

Adsorbent Products For High Purity Water

Water is not typically found in its pristine state, having been contaminated in its encounter with numerous substances and materials, including the atmosphere. The various types of high-purity water are defined in terms of the specific impurities that are permitted to be present. The manufacture of such waters requires the removal of the objectionable components, or at least the reduction of these components to a tolerable level, followed by preserving the quality of the water thereafter. There are many types of high purity waters as defined by industry which include but are not limited to Potable Water, Water for Initial Cleaning and Rinsing, Purified Water, Water for Injection, and Ultra-High Purity. Specified qualities of high purity water may require the removal of dissolved solids such as chlorides, calcium, sulfate, ammonia, heavy metals such as arsenic lead, fluorides, or oxidizable matter. Much of this is can be accomplished by utilizing adsorptive technologies. Other requirements such as the removal of pyrogenic or microbial matter will require membrane filtration. Additionally, storage conditions are defined in many cases, requiring the addition of temperature to 80C and recirculation within the system at prescribed velocities.

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Technology For High Purity Water

About Our Technology For High Purity Water

  • Pre-RO filters to protect the RO membranes from fouling
  • Tank vent filters prevent ingress of airborne mold and bacteria
  • Trap filters downstream of sand, resin, and carbon beds- Membrane filtration to produce high purity and ultrapure water standards
  • Control and removal of microbial contamination

Product Selection

  • CMBF™ or MBC™ Melt blown depth filters for Pre RO filtration to prevent membrane fouling.
  • Stratum® Melt blown depth filter, PMC™ or PMA™ cartridge Series are ideal for removing particulate down stream of carbon, sand and resin beds as trap filters.
  • WaterTEC™ PES or ZTEC™ G membrane when sub-micron purity levels are required
  • ZTEC™ P and ZTEC™ B PES membranes where bioburden control is necessary
  • ZTEC™ E PES membranes for critical particle control in semi-grade water systems
  • TefTEC™ P and TefTEC™ V Hydrophobic PTFE membrane for tank vent applications
  • High Flow™ large geometry filters to meet large volume flow demands for incoming water

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