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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are used in many applications for surface cleaning. The cleaners are used at construction sites, hospitals, manufacturing operations, and semiconductor facilities. It’s extremely critical that the exhaust from the cleaners does not contaminate the environment that the cleaner is used in. Graver Technologies understands these concerns and has been a leading OEM supplier to the manufacturers of industrial vacuum cleaners for many years. The Graver Technologies Custom/OEM Filter Team designs and manufactures high-efficiency filtration products to customer’s demanding specifications. We focus on opportunities that allow us to offer value, added services, and product support. Whether your product is already in the field and requires updating or still in the product development stage, put the Graver Technologies Product Development Team to work for you. Our product development staff is geared to get you from prototype to production in an effective timeline that would meet the most demanding schedules
Our world-class facility is ISO 9001:2000 certified which will ensure that you will get high-quality filtration products at cost-effective prices
Certification of elements
Micron ratings down to .12µm @ 99.97%
The latest technology with respect to media, adhesives, and manufacturing techniques

  • Removes particles from air and gases used in vacuum applications
  • Protects downstream vacuum pump from solid particles
  • Available micron ratings from .3 um – 50 um
  • Designs to 700°F available
  • Polyester, fiberglass & organic fiber media
  • Piston seal technology ensures effective sealing of element to housing
  • In-house vessel fabrication facility carries an ASME Code stamp & PED 2014/68/EU
  • Housings designs from full vacuum to 180 PSIG
  • Materials of construction include carbon and stainless steel
  • Housings are available with connection sizes ranging from ½ inch to 12”

Typical Applications

  • Woodworking
  • Material handling
  • Food packaging
  • Semiconductor fabrication
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Frequently asked questions

How to remove heavy metals from water and wastewater?
Many MetSorb® adsorbents will remove heavy metals from water and wastewater. Please view our product pages for more information.
Are heavy metals in water? Do they pose a threat to human health?
The USEPA issued and regularly reviews/updates the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (NPDWR).
How can I remove lead from water?
Many MetSorb® adsorbents will remove lead and other heavy metals from water. Please view our product pages for more information.
How much uranium is safe in drinking water?
The USEPA has issued and regularly reviews/updates the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (NPDWR).
Why do MetSorb® adsorbents sometimes have a bad smell and how do we get rid of this odor?
MetSorb adsorbents are made from metal oxides and rarely have any noticeable smell. They can sometimes concentrate bacteria (specifically sulfur reducing) that may be present in the drinking water well source. While this type of bacteria is naturally found in many well sources and are considered harmless, the resulting “rotten egg” smell can be unpleasant. In order to remove the bacteria from the MetSorb® media bed, we recommend performing a 25-50 ppm chlorine shock for 12-24 hours. The system should then be rinsed with fresh water until no residual chlorine odor is noted. If bacteria count in the well water is high, this chlorine shock of the MetSorb® media may be required 2 or 3 times per year.
How can uranium be removed from well water?
One way uranium can be removed is through adsorption. MetSorb® HMRG has a selective affinity for uranium.

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