Nitric Acid Filters

Designed to recover precious metals in nitric acid production process

Nitric Acid Filters by Graver Technologies offer advanced solutions for gas and liquid phase precious metal recovery in industrial settings. Featuring a patented design, our filters enable on-site recovery of precious elements, ensuring efficient and high-temperature performance. With a robust design for multi-campaign service life, our gas phase pleated filter design allows heavy loading of solids, while a low micron rating ensures a high capture rate. Ideal for applications in fertilizer plants and explosives manufacturing, our Nitric Acid Filters provide reliable and tailored solutions for precious metal recovery in demanding industrial processes.

Key Features

  • Gas phase precious metal recovery
  • Patented design liquid phase precious metal recovery
  • Unique at site recovery of element
  • High temperature design
  • Robust design provides multi-campaign service life
  • Gas phase pleated filter design allows for heavy loading of solids
  • Low micron rating ensures high capture rate

Typical Applications

  • Fertilizer plants
  • Explosives manufacturing
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