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Graver Technologies Adsorbents pull particles of harmful metals or other elements out of water, sugars, and other materials for purification. This adsorption works by bonding molecules of the harmful elements to those of the adsorbent and bringing them to the surface for easy removal.

Ecosorb® multifunctional purification media combines adsorption, ion exchange, and/or filtration media in a single, dust-free product. By combining the superior kinetics of fine particles with excellent filterability and flow characteristics, purification processes run longer and deliver better quality effluents, with reduced waste and product loss.

Ecosorb® C-Series is designed for purification and separation of pharmaceutical API's and intermediates. These products are formulated to address various process purification demands in both organic and aqueous systems, including removal of residual precious metal catalyst, color bodies, and other organic by-products.

C-906 - color, reaction by-products

C-910 - PM catalysts, Pd, color, reaction by-products

C-941 - PM catalysts

C-944 - PM catalysts

C-947 - PM catalysts

C-950 - Color, Polar contaminants

C-952 - Color, Polar contaminants

C-971 - divalent heavy metals cations

C-981 - color, contaminants from fermentation broth, Anionic contaminants

Ecosorb® S-Series is for purification of food and beverage ingredients and finished products, including decolorization, removal of undesirable taste and odor compounds, and the removal of cations, anions, and organic contaminants.

















Ecosorb® W-Series For the selective removal of a broad range of contaminants from industrial applications including:  

Metal Finishing:  purifying plating solutions to reduce brightener by-products and lubricating oils from aqueous part washing solutions 

Wastewater:  reducing heavy metals, anionic species, dyes and inks, and other organics

Fine Chemicals:  improving feedstock quality, removing organic contaminants from brine, recovery of precious metal catalyst



MetSorb® adsorbent products are utilized to remove arsenic, lead, mercury, fluoride and other heavy metals from your drinking, process, and wastewater applications. High capacity and excellent kinetics make MetSorb® adsorbents the first choice in thousands of treatment applications around the world.

Heavy Metal Removal Granules  - Highly Effective, Low-Cost Adsorbent for Reduction of Arsenic III & V and a Wide Variety of Heavy Metals

Heavy Metal Removal Powder  - Effective, High Value Adsorbent for Reduction of Heavy Metals & Arsenic

Metsorb® MOX-G  - Novel Adsorbent for Removal of Fluoride and Other Heavy Metals

Metsorb® MOX-P  - Novel Adsorbent for Removal of Fluoride and Other Heavy Metals

Metsorb® PFX - Polystyrenic Macroporous Anion Resin, Potable Water Grade

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