Drinking Water

Graver Technologies offers water treatment solutions for drinking water from point of entry to point of use, a small community system to municipal systems.

Drinking water

Water Treatment Solutions for Drinking Water

Clean, high quality drinking water is mandated for communities in most countries by the government. Standards have been established for a single home on a well to the largest cities which produce water from wells, surface sources or oceans. In certain instances, such as where nitrates create issues in a single well, or for brackish water along coastal communities, reverse osmosis (RO) is required to produce an acceptable quality of potable water. For surface waters, issues such as cryptosporidium or giardia can be problematic. In other instances, some geographies have lead or other heavy metals present that can be a significant health concern. Among the newest concerns are PFAS, the “forever chemicals”, and microplastics, the risks of which are not completely defined. At Graver Technologies, we have been developing and manufacturing superior water treatment solutions for more than 140 years., so whether the application is point of entry, point of use, a small community system or a municipal system, we have a technology.

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Drinking water

About Our Products For Drinking water

  • Highest level of arsenic (III & V), lead, and heavy metals removal
  • Comprehensive treatment solutions for Municipal, Commercial, and Residential applications
  • Large geometry available to provide high efficiency and high flow in reduced footprint
  • Particulate removal from incoming water streams prior to reverse Osmosis (Pre RO)
  • Cryptosporidium and Giardia reduction to meet and exceed LT2 standards
  • Fluoride-reducing capacities in excess of 3-5 times than with traditional activated alumina and bone char water treatment methods.

Product Selection

  • MetSorb® Highly specialized adsorbent material removes heavy metals, lead, PFAS and arsenic from water.
  • High Flow™ large geometry filters to meet the large volume flow demands in a small footprint
  • CMBF™, STC™ 1 to 10 micron melt blown filters provide effective SDI reduction and particulate removal to protect the RO membrane
  • QCR™ Series to removed cryptosporidium and giardia cyst to meet the requirements of the Long term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2).

Final Applications

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