Drinking Water

The United States enjoys one of the best supplies of drinking water in the world. Nevertheless, many of us who once gave little or no thought to the water that comes from our taps are now asking the question: “Is my water safe to drink?”

In 2006 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency mandated by law that all water systems meet the new arsenic standard of 10 parts per billion. As a result, removal of arsenic, lead, and other heavy metals from water supplies has become a top priority for many municipalities, small community water systems, schools, and individual consumers.

At Graver Technologies, we have been developing and manufacturing superior water treatment solutions for more than 140 years. Our patented MetSorb® adsorbent products have been specifically engineered to provide excellent arsenic, lead and other heavy metal contaminant removal for the purification of drinking water, process water, and aqueous streams.

Our MetSorb® Adsorbent Media Offers:

  • The highest level of arsenic (III & V), lead, and heavy metals removal
  • Exceptional adsorption kinetics allowing reduced footprint equipment
  • High adsorbent capacity that continues to demonstrate non-hazardous waste generation
  • Comprehensive treatment solutions for Municipal, Commercial, and Residential applications
  • Complete technical support and customer service by scientists & engineers who invented the technology
  • Experience – millions of gallons of drinking water across the U.S and Canada continue to be treated with MetSorb daily

MetSorb® HMRG & HMRP Applications

Point of Service

Metsorb® HMRG

MetSorb HMRG is useful for small communities, trailer parks, schools, commercial and industrial business parks down to individual and/or small facilities and office buildings. MetSorb HMRG is loaded into fixed-bed absorbers (tanks) through which the source water is passed, resulting in reduction of the arsenic content. Product water meets the EPA guidelines for drinking uses.

Point of Entry

Typical Residential Application

Targeted use is for individual homeowners either on private wells or on municipal water still desiring extra treatment. Arsenic, lead and other heavy metal reduction can be combined with other typical point of entry services like water softening, taste and odor reduction with carbon and iron or sulfur removal.


MetSorb HMRG granules

Point-of-Use applications include countertop, refrigerator and under counter pressure filters using either carbon blocks or granular media. For granular media applications, MetSorb HMRG (granules) are typically used in conjunction with GAC to combine arsenic reduction with carbon’s chlorine, taste, and odor performance. For carbon blocks, MetSorb® powdered products (HMRP, STP, STP Hybrid, MOX-P) can be admixed with carbon and the appropriate binders to form pressed or extruded multi-functional carbon blocks. The resulting devices are commonly submitted to NSF by their manufacturers for contaminant reduction certification under appropriate guidelines..

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