POU (Point of Use) devices have become quite common for household use.  One type is drinking water pitchers that employ a gravity drain cartridge system to treat tap water.  The cartridge may contain a particulate filter, media impregnated pleated filter, or one or more types of purification media.  The media include: carbon, weakly acidic cation exchange resins, strongly acidic cation and strongly basic anion exchange resins blended as a mixed bed.  Various combinations of the media are often used.  Carbons reduce organics and chlorine, as well as some tastes and odors.  Weakly acidic cation exchange resins reduce hardness.  Mixed bed ion exchange resins demineralize the water (Total Dissolved Solids, TDS reduction).  Most cartridges can also remove some heavy metals, including lead.  Additionally, some remove PFAS (perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances), depending upon the specific media used.  Most cartridges improve taste & odor, chlorine, and metallic and other impurities.  All cartridges provide a list of the contaminants certified to be removed and cartridges are typically replaced after treating a recommended volume of water.

Graver Technologies provides the ion exchange resin products used in pitcher cartridges to produce the water purity suitable for consumption.  These product offerings are the result of long-term experience producing ultra-high purity products for demanding applications such as condensate polishing, nuclear reactor water purification, and ultra-pure water products.  GT is able to process and prepare large quantities of the products to supply the high volume needs for consumer POU device applications.

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