AB-008 High Flow Filters for Pre RO

This application brief explores the effectiveness of Reverse Osmosis (RO) in removing contaminants from water. It emphasizes the importance of membrane pretreatment using high-performance pleated filter cartridges to extend membrane life, reduce operational expenses, and minimize environmental impact.

everse Osmosis (RO) is a proven water treatment technology for municipal and industrial processes, effectively removing contaminants. Prolonging membrane life is crucial, with pretreatment being key. High-performance pleated filter cartridges are recommended for superior membrane protection. Large geometry pleated cartridges offer benefits like reduced vessel footprint and longer on-stream life. Key highlights include:

  • Better incoming fluid quality to UF and RO modules reduces operational expenses and increases module lifespan.
  • Large geometry filters like High Flow offer higher surface area, allowing for high flow rates and reduced system pressure.
  • Reduces vessel footprint and capital investment for filter vessels.
  • Requires fewer cartridges for inventory and reduces spent filters going to landfills.

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