ACS-010 Water Quality for Animal Herds

This case study explores the importance of water quality in the context of animal herds, specifically focusing on improving filtration efficiency for RO membrane protection in dairy farms.

Clean, high-quality drinking water is a government-mandated requirement for communities worldwide, with standards set for all types of water sources. Reverse osmosis (RO) systems are crucial for ensuring potable water quality, with pre-RO filters playing a key role in protecting the membrane and enhancing operational efficiency.

• Clean drinking water is vital for livestock health and productivity, with water quality affecting intake and performance in animals such as cattle, dairy, and poultry.

• Contaminants in water can lead to reduced feed consumption and negative health effects in animals, emphasizing the need for water purification in agricultural settings.

• High iron and anion contents are common water quality issues that can impact cow health and performance on farms.

• Providing RO-quality water to livestock can increase water intake and milk production, resulting in a positive return on investment despite initial capital costs.

• Graver MBC Series melt blown filters offer superior performance and cost-effectiveness compared to other pre-RO filter options, providing longer filter life and simplifying maintenance for water purification systems

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