Ecosorb® Metal Finishing Case Study

The Ecosorb Metal Finishing Case Study discusses a metal finishing plant that struggled with compliance due to effluent variations and strict regulations. They sought a solution to improve treatment without a costly plant replacement.

A metal finishing plant faced challenges in maintaining rinse bath discharge compliance due to variations in effluent feed, bath mixtures, and flow rates. The company sought a solution to enhance their current process without significant capital investment. The introduction of ECOSORB, a patented adsorptive medium, proved to be an easy and economical fix. By substituting ECOSORB filter media for diatomaceous earth in the final filtration step, copper discharge levels were reduced to 0.1–0.2 ppm, improving process consistency. ECOSORB W-791, an all-purpose product, is capable of removing a wide range of contaminants from water. Graver Technologies offers custom formulations of ECOSORB to meet specific wastewater treatment needs, providing tailored solutions for adsorption, filtration, and settling requirements.

  • Metal finishing plant struggled with rinse bath discharge compliance
  • ECOSORB introduced as an easy and economical solution
  • Substituting ECOSORB for diatomaceous earth reduced copper discharge levels
  • ECOSORB W-791 removes various contaminants from water
  • Graver Technologies offers custom ECOSORB formulations for specialized applications

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