STB-014 Organic Waste Treatment

This Scepter technical brief discusses the challenge of managing organic waste in various industries and highlights Graver Technologies' innovative crossflow filtration technology, SCEPTER, which provides cost-effective solutions for organic waste treatment, reducing waste discharge and offering potential value-added co-products.

Over 70 million tons of organic waste is generated annually in the United States, including livestock manure, agriculture wastes, wastewater, and inedible food wastes. Improper management of these wastes poses risks to the environment and public health due to pathogens, chemicals, and methane emissions. Failure to address disposal can result in fines and increased costs for companies. Graver Technologies offers cost-effective solutions through its patented SCEPTER crossflow filtration technology, which provides efficient organic waste treatment, reduced waste discharge, and clean water production for reuse or direct discharge. The technology is robust, durable, and adaptable to various system configurations, offering a solution to the challenge of handling organic waste streams economically.

  • Over 70 million tons of organic waste produced annually in the US
  • Risks of improper waste management: environmental contamination, methane emissions, fines for operators
  • Graver Technologies' SCEPTER technology offers cost-effective organic waste treatment
  • SCEPTER technology provides efficient filtration, reduced waste discharge, and clean water production
  • Robust and durable design adaptable to various system configurations

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