ACS-012 Pleated Filters for Pre RO

This case study highlights how Graver PMC pleated filters improved filtration efficiency in a high purity water system as pre-RO filters, leading to reduced maintenance and labor costs.

A diagnostics manufacturer was using a competitive1 micron pleated polypropylene cartridge filter for post-treatment to an auto backwashing carbon filter and as a pre-filter to an RO system for high purity water production. After experiencing short service runs with the competitive filter, they switched to a PMC 1-micron filter, resulting in three times longer on-stream life, reduced system upsets, and extended change-out frequency to every 7-10 days. The Graver distributor provided crucial on-site technical support for this successful transition.

  • PMC filter increased throughput, reducing change-out frequency and labor input
  • Graver distributor provided essential on-site technical support
  • Pleated cartridges can be justified over melt blown technology in water systems
  • Service providers can have significant input into technical aspects of water systems

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