ACS-001 – Offshore Water Treatment

This application case study explores a customer's search for cost-effective filtration alternatives to high-priced Pall High Flow Ultipleat filters, driven by concerns over operational costs, filtration efficiency, and operator safety.

The customer sought a cost-effective alternative to Pall High Flow Ultipleat filters for filtering small batches of chemicals. After trying a competitive High Flow retrofit without success, they switched to PMC 1 micron filters in a 5-around 40" configuration. This change resulted in longer filter life, desired filtration quality, operator safety, and cost savings. The customer now has the flexibility to adjust the number of cartridges used based on batch size, leading to substantial annual savings. Anticipated usage is 390 x 40 inch filters per year. Key highlights include:

  • PMC 1 micron filters in a 5-around 40" configuration achieved longer on-stream life than Pall High Flow filter.
  • PMC 1 micron filters achieved desired filtration quality.
  • Safety risk to operators eliminated with lighter standard size cartridges.
  • Flexibility to adjust number of cartridges used for cost savings.
  • Substantial annual cost savings realized.

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