TB-002 QXL Applications

Enhance semiconductor wafer manufacturing with QXL Series slurry filtration, reducing defects and improving yields in CMP processes.

Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) is a crucial polishing process used in the semiconductor industry to manufacture wafers. Large particles in the slurry used during CMP can lead to defects on the wafer surface, affecting the final product. Two main methods of slurry filtration, loop and point-of-use (POU), are employed to reduce defects caused by large particles. POU filtration is preferred for its ability to use submicron filters at low flow rates, decreasing premature filter plugging and potentially filtering particles smaller than 1.0 micron. The QXL Series filters combine the benefits of depth and pleated filters, offering efficient particle removal and longer filter life.

In the ink jet ink manufacturing process, filtration is crucial to ensure printer performance and longevity. For pigment-based inks, multi-stage filtration with QXL Series filters is recommended, while dye-based inks require a two-stage filtration process.

In coatings manufacturing, proper filtration selection is essential to maintain quality and remove contaminants. The Graver QXL Series filters are designed to address the challenges of deformable particle capture, flow characteristics, and sharp particle cutoff, making them suitable for various coating applications. Gels present a common filtration challenge in various industries due to their ability to deform and block filter media. The selection of the optimal filter cartridge for gel removal depends on factors such as solution viscosity, operating pressure, and gel concentration. Depth filters are generally recommended for highly viscous solutions with medium to high gel concentrations, while hybrid pleated/depth filters like the QXL Series offer a solution with high surface area and layered depth media to prevent gel extrusion.

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