ACS-003 – Pre-RO for Ethanol Plant Apple Case Study

This application case study focuses on the use of Graver MBF series filters in an ethanol production plant to protect RO membranes and meet water quality requirements for various processes.

An ethanol production plant needed Reverse Osmosis (RO) treated water for various processes. The incoming water was treated by an RO membrane system, followed by additional post-RO treatment to meet water quality requirements. To prevent fouling, melt blown depth filters were used as RO prefilters. Graver MBF series filters proved to be efficient in protecting RO membranes, maintaining an SDI of <3, matching the performance of GE Osmonics products, and providing the best value for the ethanol plant in terms of cost and efficiency. Key highlights include:

  • RO prefilters using melt blown depth filters to prevent fouling
  • Graver MBF series filters maintaining an SDI of <3
  • Efficiency matching GE Osmonics products
  • Best value for the ethanol plant considering cost and efficiency

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