ACS-002 – Ink Jet Ink Appl Case Study

This application case study focuses on a solvent-based ink manufacturer's quest to effectively remove agglomerated particles while preserving colored pigments.

A manufacturer of solvent-based inks faced challenges with agglomerated particles in their ink and needed a filtration solution. They evaluated products from GE, Parker, PTI, and Graver QXL series, excluding Pall filters due to cost. Criteria for evaluation included ink quality consistency, pressure drop, and on-stream life. The Graver QXL series filters proved successful, reducing filtration steps, improving efficacy, and meeting requirements for all ink colors and aqueous inks. The filters also increased throughput rates, product yields, and batch sizes, with excellent consistency and support from Graver's distributor.


  • Graver QXL Series reduced filtration steps from 4 to 3
  • Higher throughput rates and product yields
  • Met requirements for all ink colors and aqueous inks
  • Exceeded on-stream life expectations
  • Excellent filtration consistency
  • Support from Graver's distributor led to success

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