Effective and affordable dialysis reverse osmosis (RO)therapy requires a proper purification system thatcritically includes water pre-treatment.

Dialysis patients are exposed to a significant amount of water during treatment, equivalent to a lifetime of drinking for an average person. Ensuring high-quality water is crucial for safe therapy, as contaminants like chlorine and chloramines can be harmful to patients. Mortality rates among dialysis patients are high, emphasizing the importance of proper water treatment. RO systems provide safe water by removing contaminants, with pre-treatment systems reducing strain on membranes. Biofilm management is essential to prevent endotoxin risks in the water system. Key points include:

  • Dialysis patients exposed to a lifetime of water per treatment
  • High mortality rates among dialysis patients
  • Contaminants like chlorine and chloramines harmful to patients
  • RO systems ensure safe water by removing contaminants
  • Pre-treatment systems reduce strain on RO membranes
  • Biofilm management crucial to prevent endotoxin risks

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