AB-005 Basics of Manufacturing Integrated Circuits

This application brief explores the filtration requirements in the manufacture of integrated circuits, including various electronic components like transistors, capacitors, resistors, diodes, LEDs, and photocells.

Opportunities for filtration exist in the manufacturing of semiconductors, which include small electronic components like transistors, capacitors, and diodes. These components can be integrated to form advanced devices like microprocessors and RAM. The manufacturing processes involve the use of ultrapure water and hazardous chemicals that must be filtered to ensure high-quality devices and yield. Key elements include:

• Silicon Ingot: Silicon wafers are grown from highly purified silicon ingots and processed using SC1 and SC2 for insulation layer creation.

• Wafer Manufacturing: Larger wafers allow for more integrated circuits per wafer, increasing output. The process involves multiple steps like photolithography and etching.

• Photolithography: Involves creating patterns on wafers using photoresist and developers that require specialized filtration.

• Wet and Dry Etch: Wet etching uses chemicals like HF, while dry etching involves plasma generation for precise etching.

• Stripping: Removal of photoresist using chemicals like Piranha or solvents, requiring specific filtration.

• Doping and Deposition: Processes like oxidation, doping, and chemical vapor deposition are crucial for creating electrical properties in the wafer.

• CMP: Chemical mechanical polishing/planarization smooths the wafer surface using slurry that needs constant recirculation and filtration.

• Bulk Chemical Distribution Systems (BCDS): High purity chemicals are delivered through pump systems with long-life filters like Citadel.

• Water: Semiconductor facilities require ultrapure water meeting stringent specifications, utilizing reverse osmosis and mechanical filtration technologies.

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