Crossflow Technology in Challenging Applications

The design of SCEPTER sintered tubes and membranes creates a durable and robust structure, making it superior under operating conditions that would normally damage or destroy polymeric or ceramic membranes.

Crossflow filtration (CFF), also known as tangential-flow filtration (TFF), is a method where a fluid with particles is passed along a membrane surface, separating substances based on size. Graver Technologies' SCEPTER technology, a robust form of CFF, utilizes titanium dioxide-coated stainless steel tubular membranes, offering high resistance to fouling and the ability to process hostile fluids across a wide range of conditions. This technology is suitable for applications where polymeric membranes fail due to aggressive chemicals or high temperatures. SCEPTER systems have been successfully implemented in various industries for over thirty years, proving effective in applications such as juice, wine, and beer processing, waste management, and prefiltration for other membrane systems. The all-welded, gasket-free construction of SCEPTER modules ensures durability, compatibility, and easy cleanability. These modules are scalable, allowing for capacity expansion by adding more units. SCEPTER's adaptability and cost-effectiveness make it a preferred choice for challenging filtration needs.

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