High Flow Sizing

This technical brief contains Housing Sizing Guidelines for Graver High Flow Filter Cartridges.

Graver High Flow filters are known for their high flow capability and dirt holding capacity. When sizing a new housing for a customer, factors such as system flow rate, dirt loading, fluid viscosity, temperatures, and desired time between changeouts must be considered. Graver High Flow literature provides a recommended maximum flow rate for the elements. It is important to consider factors beyond just flow rate when sizing a system. The dirt or particle load in the fluid is a crucial consideration, along with the desired time between filter changeouts. Graver offers technical support to assist with sizing decisions.

Factors to consider when sizing a new housing:

o Desired system flow rate

o Dirt loading in parts per million (ppm)

o Fluid viscosity

o Temperatures

o Desired time between changeouts

Important considerations for sizing:

o Dirt or particle load in the fluid

o Desired time between filter changeouts

Steps to guide proper sizing:

1. Determine system flow rate and dirt load

2. Locate flow rate in the chart

3. Choose housing size based on max ppm

4. Consider different housing sizes for longer filter life

5. Ensure the selected housing can handle the system requirements

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