ACS-006 Chilled Water Loop High Flow

This case study highlights how High Flow Filters effectively cleaned a Chilled Water Loop, reducing contamination and maintenance costs.

A major industrial engine manufacturer faced contamination issues in their closed-loop water systems due to pipe rust and biofilm, causing operational problems. To address this, a 500 GPM side stream filtration loop was implemented using two 60” HF housings with High Flow filters. The results showed significant improvements in efficiency and cost savings compared to other filtration systems:

  • The High Flow system was more compact and easier to install than depth or bag filter systems.
  • Filter changeout costs were reduced by 30-60% with High Flow filters.
  • Changeout time was significantly decreased with High Flow filters.
  • The customer achieved system cleanup by gradually stepping down microns over time.
  • System cleanup was successfully achieved using a single 60” High Flow filter running at 250 GPM.

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