ACS-007 Sausage Casings Stratum

This case study explores how Graver Stratum C 3 micron filters improved filtration efficiency and saved costs for a sausage casing manufacturer.

A sausage manufacturer sought a better filtration solution for their cellulose slurry, initially using a competitive 1 micron melt blown filter. After testing STA 1 micron and Graver Stratum C 3 micron filters, they found that the STC 3 micron filters met turbidity specifications, had longer life, and offered significant cost savings. The STC 3 filters captured dirt uniformly, with no pass-through of contaminants, unlike the competitive filters. The switch to STC 3 filters resulted in over 50% cost savings, leading to corporate approval for the change in filter specification worldwide and a promotion for the engineer involved.


  • STC 3 micron filters met turbidity specifications
  • Longer filter life compared to STA 1 micron and matched Polynet
  • Uniform dirt capture with no pass-through of contaminants
  • Significant cost savings of over 50%

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