ACS-008 Citric Acid Plant Condensate Water

This case study details how Graver GFP 1-30P7E filters improved condensate water filtration for a citric acid plant, overcoming rust and dirt issues.

The customer, a leading producer of natural, biodegradable ingredients in Europe, manufactures products for various industries using fermentation technology. With manufacturing plants in Austria, Canada, France, and Germany, they faced issues with rust and dirt in their condensate water lines. Seeking a solution, they tested Graver GFP filters and achieved remarkable results, including longer service life, excellent cleanliness levels, and cost savings. Highlights of the case study include:

  • Customer faced rust and dirt issues in condensate water lines
  • Wanted to increase flow rate from 60 to 72m³/h
  • Tested Graver GFP filters in existing housings
  • Achieved 3-4 times longer service life compared to previous filters
  • Maintained excellent cleanliness levels throughout filter's service life
  • Saved money by avoiding additional investment in housings
  • Successfully trialed Graver GFP filters in citric acid production
  • Transitioned from low-end string wound filters to high-performing Graver GFP filters

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