Caustic Recovery

Graver Technologies offers a caustic recovery system, utilizing SCEPTER filtration technology, to efficiently and cost-effectively recover caustic from waste streams in industries like food, pharmaceuticals, and textiles.

Caustic recovery is crucial in industries like food, pharma, and textiles due to cost and waste disposal issues. Graver Technologies offers a patented membrane technology that can clarify highly contaminated caustic for reuse, providing customized solutions for waste minimization and raw material recovery. The system offers cost savings, process improvements, low capital investment, and worldwide support. The technology is based on SCEPTER patented filtration technology, combining stainless steel tubing and titanium dioxide membranes. The system works by pumping contaminated caustic into a membrane-lined tube, allowing clean caustic to pass through for reuse while concentrated contaminants are separated for further treatment. A complete system would include pretreatment, heat exchange, and multiple stages for efficient recovery.

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