AB-001 – Seal Flush

This case study explores the comparison between resin-bonded and melt-blown filter cartridges for industrial applications, specifically in protecting seals of rotating equipment in environments like Pulp and Paper mills.

Filters are crucial in heavy industrial settings like Pulp and Paper mills to safeguard rotating equipment seals. The gland box contains packing to form a seal on a hard sleeve, which needs fluid for lubrication and cooling, often sourced from surface water. Filtration is essential to remove particulate like sand or silt from the water to prevent premature failure of the packing sleeve. A filtration system typically includes pre-filtration stages and a final cartridge filter near the seal. Newer filter products like the Graver Stratum C series offer better results than traditional resin bonded filters. Key elements highlighted in the text are:

  • Graded Pore Structure: Varying pore sizes capture particles effectively.
  • Fiber Shedding: Long fibers prevent shedding, ensuring filter efficiency.
  • Filter Life: Filters are changed based on differential pressure or other criteria.
  • Filter Stacking: Avoid stacking filters to prevent fluid bypass.
  • Filter Manufacturing Process: Quality and efficiency of filters vary among manufacturers due to lack of industry standards.

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