AB-003 - Filtration Opportunities in Pulp and Paper

This case study explores numerous filter applications for Graver liquid process filters and can benefit from the superior performance of Graver’s Stratum, MBC and RTEC Series filters.

Pulp and Paper mills have various opportunities for using Graver liquid process filters, including in bleaching chemicals, water filtration, seal flush applications, paper additives, and eye wash stations. Graver recommends different series of filters for each application, such as Stratum, MBC, and RTEC Series filters, depending on the specific needs of the mill. Some key highlights of the text include:

  • Bleaching Chemicals: Use of Chlorine Dioxide in modern mills requires careful filtration to remove impurities and prevent reactions.
  • Water Filtration: Filters are recommended for pre-RO filtration and to prevent clogging in water knives and spray nozzles.
  • Eye Wash Stations: Filters are crucial to prevent fiber and resin particles from being projected into employees' eyes.
  • Seal Flush Applications: Filters are essential to prevent contaminants from eroding seals and causing premature equipment failure.
  • Paper Additives: Different filters are recommended for pigments, dyes, and latex used in paper production.

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