Cleaning/Sanitizing Filters

This technical brief provides the Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedure for Graver Filter Products.

To clean filter cartridges, use specific cleaning agents and follow instructions for each:

• Triton X-100: Add 15 drops to warm water

• LiquiNox/Alconox: Follow manufacturer's instructions

• Minnclean TF: Add 30 grams to warm water

For sanitizing filter cartridges, use the following agents:

• Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach): Prepare a 5–10 ppm solution

• 70% Ethanol or 70% IPA

• Chlorine Dioxide, ClO2: Add 2 oz. to lukewarm water

• 10% Hydrogen Peroxide or Quaternary Ammonium “quats”

• Acid or Peracetic Acid for immersion

• Caustic for rinsing or soaking

To sterilize filter cartridges:

1. Hot Water: Immerse in 180°F water for 30 minutes

2. Steam: Expose to 250°F steam for 30 minutes

3. Autoclave: Expose to 250°F steam in autoclave for 30 minutes

4. Final Rinse: Rinse cartridges with clean water after cleaning and sanitizing.

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