Graver Technologies offers ink filters to remove colloidal residues, insoluble dyes, oversized pigments, gels, and agglomerates, and other contaminants.

Ink Filters

Effective Ink Filters That Protect Your System

At the center of any digital printing system is the ink, which consists of the carrier fluid as well as the colorant itself, a pigment or dye. The purpose of the ink is to deposit the pigment and bind it to a media’s surface. To ensure print quality and minimize costs associated with printing, it is essential to optimize ink cleanliness through filtration. The introduction of particles into ink can occur at many points in the manufacturing and printing process, thus it is necessary to remove oversized pigments, agglomerates, and other types of environmental contaminants to avoid plugging print heads and nozzles, minimize downtime, and optimize image quality. Digital printing or inkjet inks are made of various formulations which use different carrier fluids to deliver the ink to the surface. As the ink is deposited on the surface, it must travel through a microtube and orifice making digital inks a filtration-intensive process. The choice of filters will depend upon the carrier fluid, the source of color (pigment or dye based) as well as the color itself, as not all colors filter equally.

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Ink Filters

Graver Technologies' Ink Filters

  • For pigment based inks, the filters remove oversized pigments, gels, agglomerates and other contaminant, while allowing the desirable sized pigments to pass through the filter and remain in solution
  • For dye based inks, the filters remove gelatinous residues, insoluble dyes, and other contaminant.

Product Selection

  • QXL™ Series hybrid pleated/depth filters provides a thick, lofty media for capturing deformable particulate.
  • GFC™ and GFP™ Series microfiberglass filters for solvent based inks
  • WaterTEC™ Series polyethersulfone membrane filters 0.2 micron, absolute rated provides precise removal of unwanted contaminants in dye based inks.

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