Steam Generator Blowdown

Steam generators in Nuclear Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) electric generating stations are vital components in the power generation cycle. In addition to high purity condensate, many steam generators use blow down demineralizers to help maintain quality for efficient operation and extended steam generator life. Graver Technologies has worked with several utilities to evaluate and develop specialty products to maintain optimum generator and cycle performance. Several special cation to anion ratio mixed beds are quite useful, providing additional cation capacity to extend runlength. One Gravex® mixed bed is made with a macroporous cation in the amine form. This particular morpholinium form cation resin is selective for sodium, thus maintaining high purity levels. Our Ultra-Low-Chloride anion can be utilized to help keep chloride at the lowest level possible in the high pH environment. Although developed for condensate, the low ppt chloride Gravex is beneficial for steam generator performance. Graver Technologies has the right product for your steam generator blow down demineralizers.

  • Gravex specialty mixed bed ratios give the highest cation capacity to the system.
  • Morpholinium form cation as an individual bed or a mixed bed component maintains cycle pH and negates the need for extra amine addition – Simpler operation and cost savings
  • Ultra low chloride anion, GR 1-9 US Ultra, provides the ultimate in low chloride leachables
  • Nuclear grade anion and cation Gravex products may be used

Graver Product Selection

Product Application Area
Gravex GR 1-9 NG (H/OH) High purity Nuclear Grade anion
Gravex GR 2-0 NG (H) High purity Nuclear Grade cation
Gravex GR 1-9 US Ultra (OH) Ultra low chloride anion – non-regenerable
Gravex GR 2-5 SG (M) Morpholinium form macroporous cation
Gravex GR 3-15 SG (H/OH) Specialty mixed bed 3:1 cation to anion by volume
Gravex GR 3-22 SG (M/OH) Specialty mixed bed with morpholinium form macro cation