Stator Cooling Water Treatment

Stator cooling water is one of the most critical systems in a power generating plant. The copper stator bars are cooled in this closed loop system to prevent overheating and reduced generator performance. A mixed bed ion exchange polisher continuously treats the recycling water to remove ionic contaminants while providing some filtration of particulates, generally copper oxides. Graver Technologies has the optimum mixed bed product, Gravex® GC 3-1 SC, for your stator cooling system.

  • Premium grade mixed bed ion exchange polishing resin
  • High capacity strong acid cation and strong base anion components for longest possible run
  • Only mixed bed product that meets General Electric’s stringent requirements for stator cooling mixed beds, GE spec A50A306, Rev. S-8
  • Specially packaged in durable polyethylene-lined one cubic foot fiber drums

Graver Product Selection

Product Application Area
Gravex GC 3-1 SC (H/OH) High purity Nuclear Grade anion