Fine Chemicals

Manufacturers of fine chemicals must meet certain cleanliness specifications to meet the needs of their customers. Graver offers a range of products to remove particulates and adsorb color, odor, and trace metals.

  • For particulate removal, Graver offers a range of liquid filter cartridges to clarify the fluid at the desired level. From coarse melt blown prefilters to fine membrane final filters, we offer a range of micron ratings and materials of construction.
  • For adsorption of various organic and inorganic contaminants, Graver offers Ecosorb® multifunctional adsorbent products. Ecosorb adsorbents include combinations of adsorbent types e.g. PAC (powdered activated carbon), zeolites, silica gel, ion exchange resins, and filtration enhancing materials to provide more effective removal of contaminants than single adsorbent media. Ecosorb products are dust-free and provide superior filtration characteristics, often allowing the complete elimination of diatomaceous earth body feed.

Ecosorb uses in Fine Chemical applications include:

  • Treating chemical feedstocks and finished products to remove organic and inorganic contaminants (e.g. color, odor, and trace metals)
  • Recovery of precious metal catalyst

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