Soft Drink Filtration

Soft drink producers seek clarification of incoming streams, microbial stabilization, and protection of delicate flavor components.  Graver has a wealth of experience in everything from concentrate lines to bottling lines.  In particular, Graver products can achieve:

  • Particulate removal from incoming water streams
  • Provide cyst reduction from incoming water
  • Clarify sugar syrups and other flavorings/trap residual carbon fines
  • Prevent microorganisms from entering storage tanks
  • Removal of particulate and microbes from bottle rinse water
  • Microbial stabilization of make-up water
  • Deionization of incoming water streams

Soft Drink Filtration


Graver Product Selection

Product Application
ZTEC™ B Membrane filters provide bacterial removal and microbial stabilization – Use 0.45 or 0.65 absolute rated filters
QCR™ Giardia and Cryptosporidium Cyst reduction
PMC™, STA™, STC™, QMC™ Melt blown pleated and depth filters are excellent for traps or prefiltration. Also use for clarifying flavors and sweeteners. 1 to 40 micron filters can be specified.
ZTEC™ WB, QCR™, PMA™, PMC™ Water for blending should be filtered at 0.45 to 1 micron level
TefTEC™ Hydrophobic PTFE membrane for tank vent applications
TefTEC™ CO2 filtration can be accomplished with 0.2 or 0.45 micron hydrophobic PTFE membrane
QCR™, PMA™, PMC™, STA™ Water used for washing bottles and containers can be filtered to 0.45 to 1 micron level
CMBF™, PMC™ For carbon trap filters, use 1 to 10 micron rated cartridges

Application Case Study

  • ACS-004 Tank Vent for Citrus Juice