Beer Filtration

Breweries utilize a great deal of filtration to remove bacteria and microbes prior to bottling, but also to capture DE released from filter sheets, allow clean air into holding tanks, provide clean wash water to clean bottles, and to protect the membrane filters. Graver can provide a wide selection of filters to meet the application needs as well as a desired price point for the customer. In particular, Graver products can achieve:

  • Particulate removal from incoming water streams
  • Provide cyst reduction from incoming water
  • Clarify /trap DE from filter sheets
  • Prevent microorganisms from entering storage tanks
  • Removal of particulate and microbes from bottle rinse water
  • Microbial stabilization prior to bottling
  • Deionization of incoming water streams


Graver Product Selection

Product Application Area
ZTEC™ WBQCR™PMA™PMC™ Water for blending should be filtered at 0.45 to 1 micron level
TefTEC™ Hydrophobic PTFE membrane for tank vent applications
TefTEC™ CO2 filtration can be accomplished with 0.2 or 0.45 micron hydrophobic PTFE membrane
QCR™PMA™PMC™STA™ Water used for washing bottles and containers can be filtered to 0.45 to 1 micron level
STC, QXLPMA Melt blown pleated and depth filters are excellent for DE traps or prefiltration. For DE trap filters, use 1 to 10 micron rated cartridges.
QMCPMA or PMC Membrane prefiltration - To protect and extend the life of the membrane filters, choose a 0.45 or 1 micron pleated polypropylene filter

Membrane filters provide bacterial removal and microbial stabilization – Use 0.45 absolute rated filters


Application Brief