Graver Technologies boasts a long history of providing innovative technology based products and excellent customer service.  The company was founded in 1866 in Lima, Ohio and in those early days, the product focus was a hot process softener used as a demineralizer for steam locomotives.  During the 140+ years to the present, the company expanded into industrial and commercial markets with diverse products that included reverse osmosis water treatment systems, condensate polishing systems for power generation applications, residential water treatment and softening, and even transportation.
It was in 1981 that Marmon Industrial Corporation, a privately held corporation run by the Pritzker family, bought the combined companies, and in 1993 Graver’s corporate headquarters were moved to Glasgow, Delaware, where it remains today.  
As Graver Technologies, four major divisions have emerged:

  • Utilities Group - Ion Exchange Resins and Condensate Filter Elements
  • Liquid Filter Products Group – Liquid Filters & Filtration Products
  • Industrial Filter Products Group – Air & Gas Filters and Systems
  • Adsorbent Products Group – Carbon & Adsorbent Product

In March of 2008, Berkshire Hathaway acquired 63% of the Marmon Group from the Pritzker Family, agreeing to buy the rest over the next several years at prices determined by Marmon’s earnings. Berkshire acquired an additional 16.6 percent in 2010; 9.8 percent in 2012; and the few remaining shares in 2013. Under our new corporate ownership, Graver continues to thrive and grow by increasing sales directly to the power generation and process filtration markets, and through a series of acquisitions that has created a product portfolio that addresses applications in a wide range of markets.