Polishing Filtration of Plant Extracts
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Polishing Filtration of Plant Extracts

With the growing emphasis on organic food, supplements and ingredients, there is an increasing demand for microfiltration technologies that can provide solutions to meet the complexity of the filtration process involved in plant extracts. The processes utilized to produce plant extracts often yield high levels of solids that may actually be soft and deformable, which complicates the capture process as they can be extruded through  filters. Compatibility is often an additional factor that must be considered as many of the chemicals used in the extraction are solvent based.

CBD oil production in particular has received much attention in the past several years due to the changes occurring to varying degrees in the legalization of cannabis (and hemp).  There are a growing number of processes being developed, some of which are being patented, to produce CBD oil. Components such as waxes, triglycerides and chlorophyll “solidify” in the process and can then be removed by filtration. Since these materials may be deformable, a composite construction such as the Graver QXL Filter Series is effective in capturing these particles. Additionally, since biological materials tend to be negatively charged at a neutral pH, it is possible to take advantage of the charge character the Graver GFC Filter Series has been found to be effective in these types of particles.

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