Graver Introduces Citadel™ All-Fluoropolymer Filter Cartridge
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Graver Introduces Citadel™ All-Fluoropolymer Filter Cartridge

Graver Technologies, LLC announces the release of the Citadel™, all-fluoropolymer filter cartridge series. Citadel™ filter cartridges feature a PTFE membrane with PFA structural components to provide excellent chemical and temperature resistance for microelectronics applications. The applications include aggressive chemicals used in etching, stripping and cleaning processes as well as the filtration of bulk chemical delivery systems requiring the upmost cleanliness and compatibility.

Citadel™ all-fluoropolymer filter cartridge is specifically engineered for use in the most critical applications within the microelectronics market. The all fluoropolymer construction provides for the highest level of fluid purity and will exhibit rapid rinse-up to 18 M?-cm resistivity and single digit ppb levels of TOC. Citadel™ filter cartridges are produced and manufactured in an ISO cleanroom and are 100% integrity tested to ensure performance standards. Since PTFE is a naturally hydrophobic media, a pre-wet version is also available when filtering aqueous based chemicals to reduce the concerns with on-site preparation.

For more information visit, e-mail us at [email protected] or call 1-302-731-1700.

Graver Water Systems LLC is a global supplier of condensate polishing and other water treatment equipment solutions. Graver Technologies LLC develops and manufactures an array of high performance products for critical trace contaminant removal in a variety of industrial applications. These include power generation & condensate polishing, precious metal catalyst recovery in pharmaceutical API manufacturing, liquid sugar polishing, air and gas filtration and high purity liquid process and cross flow filtration. Both companies are member companies of The Marmon Group (a Berkshire Hathaway Company), an international corporation providing products, services and solutions around the world.

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