Fluoride Removal Media Introduced
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Fluoride Removal Media Introduced

MetSorb® MOX is an innovation in Metal Oxide technology with unique physical properties to selectively remove naturally occurring or added fluoride even in the presence of silica and other competing ions.   As a granular media, Graver’s MetSorb® MOX-G can be utilized in standard down-flow vessels for the treatment of select ions in aqueous streams. The fluoride reduction capacities, as high as 80 mg/g, have been demonstrated under select conditions. In head-to-head tests with activated alumina (AA) and bone char, MOX-G provides greater selectivity, greater capacity and faster kinetics.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides high capacity, selective removal of fluoride
  • Outperforms Activated Alumina and Bone Char in capacity, selectivity and kinetic testing
  • Superior kinetics allows for empty bed contact time as low as 5 minutes for granules and seconds for powders
  • Provides simultaneous removal of fluoride and arsenic
  • Physically stable in standard pH ranges for drinking water


  • Treatment of potable, industrial and wastewater
  • Point of Entry (POE) treatment systems
  • Point of Use (POU) cartridges
  • Faucet mounted and countertop devices

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