DUELING DATA: Biotech's Risk-Reward Paradigm
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DUELING DATA: Biotech's Risk-Reward Paradigm

Biotechnology offers new and often sustainable routes to solving both old and new problems alike.  Most recently, researchers have been focused on how the application of scientific and engineering principles in the processing of materials by biological agents can help fight the coronavirus and lessen its impact on our communities and industries.  Biotechnological research can be employed to fight things like diseases, improve crop yields or create synthetic polymers, but there is also the risk of negative consequences such as unintended environmental impacts or even biological weapons.   

The diverse nature of biotechnologies demands a range of adsorbent and trace contaminant control technologies to ensure pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers save time, improve processes and ensure environmental and consumer safety.  Cost-effective and technically superior adsorbent technologies are required such as MetSorb® to remove heavy metals or other organic and inorganic contaminants from, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), and other processes or products, or Ecosorb® multifunctional purification media that combines adsorption and filterability into a single product to remove color and reaction contaminants.  This specifically formulated suite of adsorbent media offers high capacity and excellent kinetics for the removal of low concentrations of impurities.

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