Crossflow Technology in Challenging Applications
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Crossflow Technology in Challenging Applications

SCEPTER membranes were highlighted in the August publication of Filtration News.  SCEPTER systems combine rugged tubular stainless steel membranes with a patented coating technology, in which a sintered titanium dioxide coating is permanently bonded to the porous stainless steel tube. This inert, highly durable filter medium provides superior separations performance and years of reliable filtration under extreme process conditions.

The tubular cross-flow technology and stainless steel construction make SCEPTER membranes practically “bullet-proof.” This allows processing of a wide variety of difficult streams, including dirty or hostile fluids, over a broad range of chemical conditions, pressures and temperatures. In fact, for certain extreme applications, no other membrane device can be used.

The all-stainless materials also tolerate virtually unlimited steam sanitization and even the harshest chemical cleaning procedures, with no deterioration of membrane performance or lifetime.  SCEPTER membrane systems are used to best advantage in demanding applications where extreme process conditions or difficult feed streams make other separation methods unsuitable. The cross-flow systems have been proven especially effective for high solids or very viscous fluids, or where processing must be done at elevated temperatures and/or
pressures, or at pH extremes.

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