Breathe Easy - Air Purifiers Fight Air Contaminants

Breathe Easy - Air Purifiers Fight Air Contaminants

The United States seems to be headed towards the “endemic phase” of the Covid-19 pandemic, meaning the virus will not be eradicated and will have a constant presence in various regions all over the world. What that means in terms of how we live our lives is that restrictions will be gradually lifted and traveling without quarantine will likely be reinstated. That said, certain measures will remain because cases will continue to be imported. People will still be encouraged to wear masks in crowded places, maintain hand hygiene, and even social distancing where community levels may be high.

However, while many aspects of safety and hygiene remain important in avoiding the contracting and spreading of the virus in respect to the world outside our homes, people rarely think about indoor air quality and how it contributes to their limiting the risk of infection. Indoor air is actually five to ten times worse than outdoor air, according to several World Health Organization studies, in both rural and urban areas. In the home, at work, in hospitals and at school, indoor air pollution levels are two to five times higher than outdoor pollution levels and can rapidly reach 100 times worse than outdoor air pollution.

Perhaps it goes without saying that the more pure the air we breathe, the stronger we make our ability not only resist ailments, conditions and diseases associated with both ordinary air pollutants and dangerous and deadly viruses.  Air nourishes us by transferring oxygen to the lungs, which then gets into the blood and, as follows, the rest of the organs. When one considers the fact that indoor air is commonly polluted with bacteria, virus, mold and dust that can lead to health problems, we do ourselves a health disservice to leave it unchecked. Also, doctors warn that indoor air pollution can be deadlier than outdoor because we breathe it in areas where we spend almost all of our time each day.

To keep us protected, air purifier manufacturers have been advancing purification technology to remove many of the hazards with sterilizing functions and HEPA quality filtration. This technology is especially effective for people with respiratory ailments or allergies and is actually recognized as a health equipment and medical device by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Top-of-the-line devices have been proven to remove 99.9% of Covid-19 viruses, including the Delta variant, Human Coronavirus, EV71 and H1N1 viruses. Harmful bacteria and hazardous substances are also eliminated through antibacterial filters and in some products sterilized through a UV arc core system. When the process is complete, purified air is released back into the surrounding area.

Air purifiers have become so essential to the fight against Covid-19 and other air contaminants that in some places models valued at $150 are being distributed for free, such as the program in California’s San Luis Obispo County. Due to airborne dust from the nearby sand dunes and inundation of wildfire smoke, the air quality has become very hazardous, especially for those who struggle with asthma and allergies. Air Pollution Control handed out as many as 575 units to low-income residents. The air purifiers were able to reduce particulate matter in well-sealed rooms by more than 90%, and all residents had to do to obtain one was show proof that they lived in the county.

South Australian public schools have also incorporated a program to equip their classrooms in an effort to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. A half-million dollars allocated to purchasing 1000 extra air purifiers meant schools found to have poor air ventilation have taken a significant step in protecting their students. Statistics show that 1,642 students and 460 staff tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of week one in term 2, compared to 5,620 students and 847 staff testing positive over seven days at the end of Term 1 – a clear and pure improvement.

Graver Technologies produce high quality filtration products such as our patented PLEKX® active carbon technology and our high efficiency HEPA filters for air purifying device applications and we are pleased and proud to work closely with your company to explore the best options to address your air purification device manufacturing needs.

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