Announcing TefTEC P
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Announcing TefTEC P

Graver Technologies, LLC announces the release of the TefTEC™ P Series filter cartridge which features a liquid sterilizing grade e-PTFE membrane with polypropylene structural components. The hydrophobic membrane has been optimized for critical air applications such as tank vents and fermentation feed air where absolute microbial retention is required.   TefTEC P filter cartridges have been documented for completed microbial removal when challenged at a level of 107 /cm2 in liquid, which is the more stringent microbial retention requirement.  Each lot of cartridges is further qualified with microbial challenge testing to verify performance Additionally, the TefTEC P has been challenged with ØX174 bacteriophage to demonstrate the removal of aerosolized viruses.   TefTEC P cartridges are produced and manufactured in an ISO cleanroom and are 100% integrity tested prior to release to ensure performance standards.   A Validation Guide is available to support the product claims.  

Teftec P Data Sheet

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