Aegis® Suppression Pool Filter Elements

Suppression pools are designed for the sudden release of energy at nuclear power plants. The pools also offer a source of make up water for steam condensate. It’s critical that these pools are periodically vacuum cleaned to prevent the buildup of solids along the pool walls and floors.

Graver Technologies Industrial Filtration Group designs filter elements to be used for these applications. These elements are custom designed for each application. Our elements are available in a number of configurations. The units can be designed with a choice of media rated at 4µm, 1µm and submicron.

  • Successful in Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) Suppression Pool/Torus Cleanup
  • Surface area is optimized
  • Long service life
  • Flow from inside to outside
  • Cam lock fitting allows for ease of change out
  • High Surface Area Synthetic Media – resists tearing and bursting
  • Available in various micron grades

Typical Applications

  • Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) Suppression Pool or Torus
  • Perfect for nuclear underwater divers to use to get proper clarity in the pool in a BWR