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Aegis: Condensate Polishing Products

Graver is the leader in precoatable and backwashable septa and filters for condensate polishing applications in power generation. AEGIS® wound precoat septa for precoat demineralizers are available with a variety of end fitting designs to fit the different OEM supplied systems. Graver’s backwashable cartridge septa, AEGIS® DualGuard® and AFA® pleated polypropylene are designed for use in condensate systems with or without resin precoats . PowerGuard sintered stainless steel elements are available for underdrain strainers and specialty nuclear applications including reactor water cleanup (RWCU) precoatable filter demineralizer systems.

AEGIS® TurboGuard® Pre-Filters
TurboGuard® Pre-Filters
Aegis® TurboGuard® Pressure Vessels
TurboGuard® Housings

Filter vessel for large geometry “high flow” TurboGuard filters

Aegis® TurboGuard® GF Series Filter Cartridges
TurboGuard® GF Series
Aegis® Thermoguard® Wound Precoat Septa with Stainless Steel Core
Thermoguard® Precoat

Pure carbon fiber yarn septa with asymmetric pores for
optimum backwashing

Sealfast® Tubesheet Adapter
Sealfast® Adapter

Special adapter to secure septa to tubesheet

Aegis® DualGuard® Pleated & Precoat Combined Septa
DualGuard® Pleated Septa

Unique 2 phase design provides crud filtration and ion exchange
in one product

Aegis®DualGuard I® Condensate Polishing Septa
DualGuard I Polishing Septa
Aegis® AFA® Pleated Septa
AFA® Pleated Septa

The first and only pleated septa designed for condensate polishing

Aegis® Wound Precoat Septa with Stainless Steel Core
Aegis® Wound Precoat Septa

Specially prepared polypropylene yarn septa with optimum
resin holding ability

Aegis® Tilting Guide Rod
Aegis® Tilting Guide Rod

Exclusive tilting guide rod design facilitates filter change out in limited
access vessels

Aegis® PowerGuard® Under Drains
Aegis® PowerGuard® Stainless Steel Septa Under Drains

PowerGuard® Under Drains

Aegis® PowerGuard®  Stainless Steel Septa
Aegis® PowerGuard® Septa

Aegis PowerGuard Septa and specialty strainers with Poroplate

Aegis® Full Flow Guide Rod
Aegis® Full Flow Guide Rod

Computer designed guide rod secures septa & prevent bypass

Aegis® Captive Hitch Pin Top Assembly
Aegis® Captive Hitch Pin

ALARA sensitive pre-assembled top spring & hitch pin
for use in nuclear condensate vessels