Vacuum Pump Filters

Maintaining critical vacuum equipment is expensive and is critical to the manufacturing process. Graver Technologies has been a leading supplier to the vacuum pump industry for over 30 years. Graver Technologies designs and manufactures high efficiency filtration products for the prevention of solids entering a vacuum pump and exhaust filtration products that remove visible oil and smoke plumes.

  • Our world class facility is ISO 9001:2000 certified which will ensure that you will get high quality filtration products at cost effective prices
  • The HKV and LKV series suction side filter elements and housings can be designed for temperatures to in excess of 750°F
  • The PME and KME series exhaust side elements offer high dirt loading element and micron retention to .3µm 
  • The PME is utilized for high efficiency separation of oil, aerosol, and smoke from an air or gas exhaust system
  • The exhaust units can also be utilized as high efficiency breathers
  • Housings are offered in both carbon and stainless steel


Product Application Area
HKV - LKV  Series For the protection of downstream vacuum pumps and equipment.  Prevents particles and process debris from entering vacuum pumps
PME - KME Series For the elimination of visible oil and smoke plume generated by a vacuum pump